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Independents' Daze
Indie filmmakers Quentin Tarantino and Gus Van Sant are trying to fit into Hollywood culture, but it's an unsteady mix. [2]
Peter Keough

Waiting for Godzilla
Hollywood explores some intriguing issues this year before Godzilla puts its blockbusting foot down to begin the mega-movie madness on the Memorial Day Weekend. [3]
Peter Keough

Full Reviews
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Mail-Dominated Society
"The Postman" is an amiable enough ramble through Hollywood's post-apocalyptic prop room. [4]
Stacey Richter

Biting Satire
Barry Levinson's exhilaratingly swift-paced satire "Wag the Dog" mixes war, sex, and politics. [5]
Steve Vineberg

Film Tip of the Week
This week's must-see flick: "Wag the Dog." [6]
Ray Pride

Good Grief
Embracing the haunting simplicity of Atom Egoyan's "The Sweet Hereafter." [7]
Ray Pride

Rest in Pieces
The horror hit goes continental, and manages to suck in two different languages. [8]
Michael Henningsen

Deconstructing Harry
Woody Allen's twenty-eighth feature is his most compelling and accomplished in years... [9]

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Volume I, Issue 31
January 5 - January 12, 1998

I t's a difficult time to be an auteurist filmmaker. Either your films are too weird and can't get funded (see: David Lynch) or you sell out too quickly and become instant schlock (see: Robert Rodriguez). A close examination of Kevin Smith's and Steven Soderbergh's careers should be required for everyone with pretentions to personal-yet-well-financed filmmaking. Also, it wouldn't hurt to look at survivors like Richard Linklater, Spike Lee, and the Coen brothers -- all of whom manage to keep taking dramatic risks despite the sometimes-marginal success of their films.

And then there's Quentin Tarantino and Gus Van Sant. With "Jackie Brown" and "Good Will Hunting," respectively, each is walking a fine line between maintaining a personal vision and appealing to a wider audience. The transition is anything but easy, as these two interviews show.

But enough about holiday-season movies. What's new? Seems the Hollywood machine never stops. Just when you thought you'd caught up with everything, here come dozens more spectacles to keep you busy. And guess what? The summer-movie cycle begins about two months early this year. This article gives the low-down.

Want reviews? We've got 'em for "The Sweet Hereafter," "An American Werewolf in Paris," "Deconstructing Harry," two for "Wag the Dog," and a surprisingly positive critique of "The Postman." My personal take on "The Postman" is that it should have starred Newman from "Seinfeld," not Kevin Costner, but that's just me.

Video + TV
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Space Case
TV gives so much and asks so little. [10]
Devin D. O'Leary

Year In Film
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Twelve Months of Shame
Nashville Scene reviewers Jim Ridley, Noel Murray, and Donna Bowman pick the worst movies of 1997. [12-29-97]
Jim Ridley, Noel Murray, and Donna Bowman

The Best Films of '97
Boston Phoenix film critic Peter Keough offers his top 10 list for 1997. [12-29-97]
Peter Keough

At the Movies in 1997
The best damned movies of the year. [12-29-97]
Rick Barton

Now What?
What's the matter, couldn't find a review of that blockbuster film you're excited about? We certainly don't want to leave you disappointed -- why not try some of these larger-than-life movie links? [11]

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