Seven Days

The Chicago Police Department sucks heat like black velvet when, in addition to using questionable minority hiring practices and being accused of brutality thanks to the Mearday case, a jury finds three former Gresham cops guilty of robbing undercover FBI agents of drugs and money.

Cable barons Prime Cable and Chicago Cable find themselves under the watchful eye of Mayor Daley, who threatens not to renew the companies' franchise rights if they cannot justify every cent of their late fees.

Thanks to the anti-heroics of the Austin Seven, city prosecutors announce they have been forced to drop 120 drug-related cases because at least one of the seven suspected-bad-cops was involved. And thanks to the Gresham good-timers, four more have been dropped in the Gresham district.

The Gonzalez-Colon family receives an early Christmas present, their lives, after a fire destroys their house around 2am Christmas morning. Neighbors supply clothing to family members, most of whom ran out of the house with virtually no clothes on, while other good Samaritans stand watch over the remains of the house to prevent looting.

Michael Maynard, the former high school teacher who was fired because of a twenty-year-old misdemeanor marijuana possession charge, announces that he will run for state representative. Maynard was inspired to run after he asked state politicians to save his job, to no avail. "If they're too scared to act on something as small as this," says Maynard, "what were they doing about the big issues?"

No holiday for the coroner's office. The custodian of corpses sees a baby shot and killed in Humboldt Park, a 39-year-old man shot at 6:30am, a 69-year-old-man shot by a SWAT sniper and a person killed after his car plunged into the Chicago River.

Riverwoods resident Bella Feyman is killed when a mini-van driven by Jeffrey Fitch rams her car from the back as she slowed down for a toll-booth stop. Fitch, who apparently suffered a seizure right before the accident, hit Bella's car while moving at 50 to 60 mph.


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