Chicago Hype Exchange
Charting the capricious contours of celebrity


1. PHIL JACKSON Coach Jack-Zen won his 500th NBA game in his ninth year, faster than any other league coach.

2. DENNIS RODMAN Twenty-nine rebounds to take the Central Division lead from the Hawks. Yesss.

3. JOHN SCHMIDT A small victory yes, but the Democratic gubernatorial-hopeful won his party's top ballot spot in the primaries.

4. DMITRI NABOKOV The 20-year-old Blackhawk prodigy gave the pathetic ice-dogs hope by scoring four goals in his first four NHL games.

5. VIRGINIA GRAMER Hinsdale elementary school French teacher was named Outstanding Elementary School Teacher by the American Association of Teachers of French.


1. ARTHUR MARTINEZ Warm-hearted Sears CEO invited employees and retirees to listen in on a conference call intended to quell wrath over the company's forthcoming cuts, but the message was the same: Retirement benefits will be cut drastically, deal with it.

2. JOSEPH GONZALEZ Award-winning designer and Daley-picked head of a panel designed to protect Chicago's architecture was forced to resign because of his doctored resum.

3. KENNETH WHITE Accused ax-murderer and defrauder celebrated Christmas by hanging himself in his Cook County holding cell.

4. RICHARD M. DALEY And yet another of his hand-picked public servants goes down...

5. DAVE WANNSTEDT So what if it took all year? Dave finally figured out that a quarterback should be his team's top priority.


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